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  Raising Funds for Anti-Bullying Programs  

With the growing issue of bullying within our schools, homes and communities, we have developed the Million T-Shirt March to be more than just a statement – but rather an OPPORTUNITY to do something about the problem head on! The clear cut way to fight back and make a difference is to install the most effective anti-bullying programs, to better create awareness and educate on the best ways to overcome this epidemic.

Fortunately, the steps toward a solution are as easy as one, two, three for your school or community organization. Join together with ONE MILLION others who care enough to make a stand – all wearing the same shirts, on the same day! Taking part in this national rally provides you the opportunity to send a powerful message to the entire country, while also offering you a unique fundraiser to use in implementation of your own anti-bullying programs!

Participation is as Easy as One, Two, Three...
Taking part in the largest and most ambitious anti-bullying rally ever attempted should not only allow you to make a powerful and united statement about bullying in your community – but should also allow you to raise funds and put your own educational programs into place as well.

Once you determine the types of anti-bullying programs and support you wish to add to your school or neighborhood, you can more clearly define the necessary steps in bringing those concepts into reality.

Look through the wonderful programs that are available, such as the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program as an example, and determine the costs associated with bringing in the professional education and support programs to meet your needs.
Once you have identified what your goals may be for putting an end to bullying, you will work together and raise funds with the sale of the Million T-Shirt March shirts. But please understand...

There is no risk in participating. Your school or organization does not have to purchase shirts and hope you can re-sell them. Orders are taken for the shirts and one master order form is returned to us.

You pay $8.00 per shirt (shipping included) and keep any amount you charge beyond $8.00.

100% of the proceeds raised by The Dayton Exchange Club Foundation will be donated to national anti-bullying organizations (such as the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program), to further the cause of ending bullying. You can use the funds you raise for any type of local anti-bullying program you wish. After all, you know where your most critical needs are located.

Use our Provided Marketing Tools to raise funds and awareness...
Please join in to the Million T-Shirt March by wearing your shirts in a united fashion – making a statement to end bullying throughout the country!

Although it is a national event, it really becomes a local event with your participation, and it is a fun way to get students involved in the discussions of bullying and its consequences.

Together with caring people across the nation, we hope to have one million people make a difference. One million people with the same message, the same shirt, on the same day!

And by reaching those goals, your local school or organization will have raised funds to help fight bullying in your own community – with a program you have chosen specifically to meet your needs.
Remember to order early, as we expect a significant increase in orders this year. The absolute last day
to order is 4/15 and the last day to get your school name listed is 4/1, with no exceptions.
The Million T-Shirt March Against Bullying
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